According to the 2011 annual salary survey conducted by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), salaries earned by professional medical billers and certified medical coders vary widely by job duties and geographic area. That said, the earnings potential of medical coders and medical billers is above minimum wage for their locality. This is understandable since medical billing and medical coding professionals have specialized training, and they practice a skills that touch on all aspects of healthcare delivery. Their training does not only involve them in reimbursement issues, but also issues of appropriate documentation of provided medically necessary services. They are a resource of somewhat esoteric knowledge that ensures compliance with applicable government programs and private commercial contracts.

Professional medical billers and certified medical coders are paid well not only for what they do, which is assemble bills, post payments, and reconcile accounts, they earn their salaries by being cognizant of the various requirements needed to manage information regarding healthcare delivery.

They are masters of the specialized language of medical code, assigning appropriate codes to accurately describe medical services and conditions. The integrity of a medical practices interactions with outside entities relies on the successful performance of professional medical billers and certified medical coders.