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Australian Medical Coding Course

ICD-10-AM is the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision,  Australian Modification.


After completing the Comprehensive ICD-10-AM Training from Transorze, You will have sound knowledge and skills in the following
  • Understanding and applying the conventions and instructions used in ICD-10-AM and ACHI
  • Identifying and applying ICD-10-AM and ACHI edition changes
  • Interpreting and applying the Australian Coding Standards
  • Selecting appropriate conditions and procedures for coding according to the Australian Coding Standards and the conventions of ICD-10-AM and ACHI
  • Identifying the principal diagnosis for an admission according to the rules of ICD-10-AM and the Australian Coding Standards
  • Assigning complete and accurate codes from ICD-10-AM and ACHI for diseases, conditions, injuries and procedures

Levels of Australian Clinical Coding Training

ICD 10 AM / ACHI / ACS is categorized as 3 levels of courses

  • Introductory – Level 1 – CC1
  • Intermediate – Level 2 – CC2
  • Certificate IV – for Australian jobs

How to get certified in Australian Clinical Coding from Transorze?

To learn the Clinical Coding version of ICD 10 AM, it is necessary to learn ICD 10 AM for Diagnosis Coding, ACHI for Procedure Coding and ACS for Coding Standards.

Resources required

 ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS is supplied in hardcopy format as a set of 5 books as follows –

  • ICD 10 AM – Alphabetical Index
  • ICD 10 AM – Tabular List
  • ACHI – Alphabetical Index
  • ACHI – Tabular List
  • ACS – Australian Book of Standards

Electronic versions like Turbo coder are also available from different service providers.

Job Opportunities

Australian Clinical coding training will equip you to start your employment in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Fiji Islands, Philippines, Tonga

To know more details about Transorze teaching methods in Australian Coding Course and for the latest vacancy notifications reach us at ‘’.


(ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 10th Edition Clinical Coding Introductory (CC1) 

  • Ideal to start a career in Clinical Coding.
  • The first step on the pathway to a career in becoming a clinical coder.


  • Competency in Medical Anatomy & Terminology
  • Communicative & Comprehending English skills

Contents :

  • 12 modules to be reviewed with unlimited practice tests and assessments.


(ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 10th Edition Clinical Coding Intermediate (CC2) 

  • Existing coders or auditors who wish to certify in the next level of education.
  • The second step in becoming a complete clinical coder.


  • Completion of Level 1 (ICD 10 AM/ ACHI/ACS)
  • Ability to interpret hand written medical records to code episodes of both Inpatient and Out Patient


  • 13 modules to be reviewed with unlimited practice tests and assessments.

LEVEL 3 – Certificate IV

(ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 10th Edition Clinical Coding – Certificate IV 

  • To be eligible in finding a suitable job in Australia, New Zealand or any country that follows Australian Standards for Clinical Coding.
  • To obtain an Australian Government Certificate in Clinical Coding.


  • Completion of Level 2 (ICD 10 AM/ ACHI/ACS)
  • Sufficient knowledge in coding episodes of all specialties


  • 12 Modules of CC1
  • 13 Modules of CC2
  • 6 Modules to be educated in Australian Healthcare, Safety, Audit methods.
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