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We at Transorze Solutions, which is the Top OET Coaching Centre in India, totally understand the reason why many professionals in the health sector in India and especially those who desired to start a career in OET, which is recognized by different countries. We not only understand the problem, but also know the solution for the same.

OET or Occupational English Test, is a well acknowledged language test among most of the countries, mainly for the professionals in the medical healthcare sector. Over the last 10 years, Transorze solutions provide placements for 500+ students who are enrolled from us. After the successful completion of OET training from Transorze solutions, students got placed in various medical centers abroad. Our dedicated staff of teachers who can guide and support them in every step of the way. We conduct virtual classes and mock tests periodically, which leverage the confidence of each candidate and so far, Transorze Solutions possesses a great success rate as No.1 OET training centre in India.

Apart from the Medical Transcription / Medical Coding Training in Transorze Solutions, we dedicated to transforming our students to an International level. Our company’s focus is to provide highly effective training in the English communication through Communicative English courses & OET Coaching in Transorze Solutions and made them practice in an English-speaking environment.

For all healthcare professionals, communication is a very important skill. With increasing shortages in the numbers of qualified nurses in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the healthcare system in these countries is looking to fill the gap with overseas trained nurses. One shortcoming that is found in many of these professionals is their lack of confidence while communicating in English; and miscommunications caused due to lack of language skills are often the base for errors in patient care.

The OET, or Occupational English Test, is specially designed to demonstrate the English language skills of healthcare professionals, and it gauges their ability to communicate well in healthcare contexts. OET is accepted in many countries as proof of your proficiency in English and is accepted for visas, education and work environments in healthcare.

The test materials reflect real scenarios that are played out in a healthcare environment, and studying for and passing this exam will give you the confidence to walk into an English-speaking healthcare job and perform your duties with competence. OET will not only improve your language skills, but you will also get a better attitude as a healthcare provider and will be able to raise your self esteem.


OET is used as the proof of English Proficiency by the health regulation council across the Globe.

OET is recognised by regulatory healthcare bodies and councils in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai, Namibia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

93% of healthcare professionals said that their colleagues who have taken OET communicated effectively in the workplace.

OET is available in 14 Professions

Speech | Podiatry  | Physiotherapy | Dietetics | Veterinary Therapy | Therapy Medicine |  Dentistry | Nursing | Radiography | Pharmacy | Science | Pathology 


  1. OET Listening (approx. 45 mins) -To know if candidate can follow and understand
  2. a range of health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures
  3. OET  Reading (60 mins) -To understand if student can read and understand different types of text on health-related subjects.
  4. OET  Writing (45 mins)-To write a letter in a clear and accurate way which is relevant for the reader
  5. OET  Speaking (approx. 20 mins)-To effectively communicate in a real-life context through the use of role-plays


  • 100% success rate
  • Qualified and certified trainers
  • State of the art teaching / learning methodology
  • Updated curriculum of international quality
  • Exposure to mock questions of previous years
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